Canvas System Status

Past Incidents

  • Users experiencing slowness and timeouts in Canvas

    Mar 27, 18:05 MDT
    Resolved - Canvas continues to function normally, and we are not seeing any new instances of slowness occurring for users. We appreciate your patience with any trouble you may have experienced with this today.

    Mar 27, 16:47 MDT
    Monitoring - A small percentage of Canvas users experienced slowness or timeout errors while attempting to access Canvas between 3:45 and 4:20 PM Mountain Time. Our Operations team has addressed the issue, and we are now seeing normal page load times. We will continue to monitor the situation to ensure continued functionality. We apologize for any issues this may have caused.

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  • Grade Passback is Failing for Some Institutions

    Mar 15, 15:20 MDT
    Resolved - We are now seeing normal post times for grade pass back to PowerSchool and Skyward. Thank you for your patience while this behavior was addressed, we apologize for the inconvenience.

    Mar 15, 13:20 MDT
    Monitoring - We have identified the cause and released a fix for the problems preventing grades from posting to Powerschool and Skyward. Due to the vast amount of grade postings, we are seeing an extended wait time for grades to sync. We will provide an update as this wait time decreases. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and we appreciate your continued patience.

    Mar 15, 07:45 MDT
    Investigating - Some institutions are experiencing problems when trying to post grades. Although there is no error message, and Canvas shows a confirmation of grades posting, the grades do not post to Powerschool or Skyward. Our engineers are working to find the cause of this failure, and should have an update shortly. We appreciate your patience.

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  • Users in the Sydney region unable to access Canvas

    Mar 14, 22:02 MDT
    Resolved - Users in the Sydney region where unable to access Canvas for approximately 8 minutes. This was caused by a hardware failure, our DevOps team was quick to respond and bring new resources online.

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  • Some Canvas Components are Experiencing Interruptions of Service

    Mar 13, 11:58 MDT
    Resolved - After monitoring the situation for some time, we are confident that the intermittent problems that were occurring earlier have been resolved. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience these interruptions may have caused, and greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.

    Mar 13, 10:30 MDT
    Monitoring - Our remediation process has been implemented and a lot of Canvas processes appear to be working correctly again. We are continuing to monitor this situation though, to ensure there's no lingering effects. We will post another update once we are confident that there are no longer any issues.

    We sincerely appreciate your patience.

    Mar 13, 09:59 MDT
    Update - The restoration process is taking a bit longer than expected. Our DevOps team now thinks that it could be another 15-25 minutes. We will post updates as they become available, as well as when the remediation plan has been completed. Thank you for your continued patience

    Mar 13, 09:35 MDT
    Update - We are working on a remediation plan to get Canvas services back to normal. Our DevOps team has informed us that the results of the plan may not be apparent for 30 minutes, but have started that process immediately. We will post an update once we have further information about the remediation process.

    Mar 13, 09:23 MDT
    Update - Canvas DevOps team is still investigating what might be causing service interruptions for some Canvas users. It appears to be affecting components that have interaction with external services such as Authentication servers, Turnitin, and Crocodoc.

    We'll post an update again shortly, thank you so much for your patience.

    Mar 13, 09:04 MDT
    Update - Our engineers are continuing to troubleshoot the intermittent issues where users cannot login to Canvas nor view certain documents through Speedgrader. Another component that's being affected by this situation is media uploads are also sporadically experiencing a time out error message.

    We will continue to post new updates every 15 minutes for this situation. We appreciate your patience.

    Mar 13, 08:37 MDT
    Update - We've become aware that certain tools within Canvas are also currently inaccessible. This includes the Speedgrader function which is returning an error message for some instructors. This appears to be related to the same situation our engineers our currently investigating so we'll continue to post updates as they become available.

    Mar 13, 08:25 MDT
    Investigating - Our Operations team is currently investigating reports of external authentications systems (CAS, LDAP, SAML) not processing successfully. We'll update soon with more details and thank you for your patience at this time.

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  • Some users unable to record media using the Media Upload tool

    Mar 11, 10:20 MDT
    Resolved - From about 10:05 to 10:18 am MT, the media 'Record' option was not working for some users in the Rich Content Editor, or for comments on student submissions. Our DevOps team was able to resolve the issue and it is working once again. We apologize for any trouble this has caused for you!

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