Instructional use of SmartSite ends in June

This is our latest update on the 2016-17 transition to UC Davis Canvas. Most instructors and almost all students are now using Canvas, and spring 2017 is the final term when SmartSite, the old learning management system, will be available for teaching. 

If you are an instructor and have not moved to Canvas yet, we encourage you to consider using it for your spring courses. We offer instructors several types of assistance (see below), from online to in-person.

Find UC Davis Canvas at Course sites exist for spring 2017 and fall 2017 classes: summer 2017 course sites will be generated April 18. These course sites contain enrollments as available, and are visible to the instructor of record in Banner.

The latest news

  • SMARTSITE STATUS AFTER JUNE 2017: Except for project sites, which will remain active for a while longer, SmartSite will be available only for archival purposes. Instructors who want access to information in any of their existing course sites after June will be able to obtain access upon request; however, the materials will be easier for you to access if you move them out of SmartSite before July. There is no automated process for transferring files from SmartSite to UC Davis Canvas sites. If you have materials to move and want to discuss options, please contact the Move to Canvas team or request help from an ET Partner (see below). This short guide on moving materials to Canvas from SmartSite might also help.
  • PROJECT SITES: You can continue to use project sites in SmartSite past June 2017. These sites will be available into the 2017-18 academic year. The specific deadline when SmartSite will no longer be available for project sites will be announced in the coming months. If you have a SmartSite project site, you still need a new resource to replace it. Starting this spring, and continuing into the next academic year, we will work with project site owners to help them determine an appropriate new resource; if you own a project site, we will send you an email with more information later this year. We are developing a website with more information about the transition.
  • GRADING: Instructure, which brings us Canvas, plans to make it possible for instructors to override grades in the gradebook by Dec. 31, 2017. This change will address the main grading issue that some faculty experienced while using Canvas for grading in fall 2016. We have asked Instructure to have the change ready by fall grading, but they have not committed to that date. This report has details. Meanwhile, following these instructions when submitting grades will prevent the issue from recurring.
  • KALTURA: The Kaltura video app has been added to UC Davis Canvas. Read more about Kaltura, and other apps, on the UC Davis Canvas LTI apps website.

For assistance

  • For information about training workshops, drop-in hours, a self-guided tutorial, online instructor-led training, instructor introductory videos, and other resources, see
  • For in-office help, instructors may wish to schedule an appointment with an Educational Technology (ET) Partner student; email us, or set up an appointment at ET Partners are trained in Canvas, and can help instructors start using it.
  • We still have time to visit departments to present information about Canvas. We can tailor sessions to meet the needs of a department’s faculty, staff, or TAs. To arrange a visit, email us.
  • For help when using Canvas, call the UC Davis Canvas hotline, 844-303-8285, any time. When you are logged in to Canvas, you can also click on the “Help” link on the left side of the page.

Please send any comments about UC Davis Canvas to us, and please forward this message to colleagues who would appreciate receiving this update.