Instructure will replace Crocodoc within Speedgrader on June 21

This message is for instructors who use Speedgrader within UC Davis Canvas.

On June 21, Canvas will replace Crocodoc, the embedded annotation tool within Speedgrader, with Canvas DocViewer. Instructure describes the new annotation and preview tool, and how the transition will work, in “Insights: Canvas DocViewer” on the Canvas community website. 

If you used Speedgrader during spring term, and want to use the Crocodoc interface for assessing documents before submitting final grades, then we recommend that you finish your assessments and submit your grades no later than June 20.

Instructure, which created Canvas, chose June 21 for the transition at UC Davis to minimize any service disruption. The date falls after spring grades are due and before summer session 1 begins.

Instructure says that after June 21, materials annotated with Crocodoc will be still be available in the Canvas DocViewer.

If you have questions about using Canvas DocViewer, please contact the UC Davis Canvas Support Hotline at 844-303-8285. If you have questions about the transition at UC Davis, please contact us.