Update on transition from SmartSite to UC Davis Canvas

This is our latest update on the 2016-17 transition to UC Davis Canvas from SmartSite. The adoption rate continues to grow. Approximately 74 percent of instructors who are teaching with a learning management system this term are using Canvas, up from 60 percent last fall. Almost all undergraduates are using Canvas for at least one course. 

Instructors still using SmartSite, and not yet using UC Davis Canvas, need to decide when they will adopt Canvas. If this group includes you, we offer several levels of support to help you move. Please recall that spring 2017 will be the last quarter when SmartSite will be used for teaching.

Your next step 

  • Access UC Davis Canvas at http://canvas.ucdavis.edu. Course shells with enrollments exist for all winter and spring classes. (If you do not see your course, talk to your department course scheduler to ensure you are assigned as the instructor of record in Banner.)
  • For information about training workshops, drop-in hours, a self-guided tutorial, online instructor-led training, instructor tour videos, and other resources, see https://movetocanvas.ucdavis.edu/canvas/
  • For in-office help getting started with Canvas, you may schedule an appointment with an Educational Technology (ET) Partner; email movetocanvas@ucdavis.edu. The ET partners are students trained in using Canvas, and can answer questions or help you set up your use of Canvas.
  • We will be glad to visit your department to present information about Canvas, and can tailor sessions to meet the needs of your faculty, staff, or TAs. To arrange a visit, email movetocanvas@ucdavis.edu
  • For help when you have a problem using Canvas, call the UC Davis Canvas hotline, 844-303-8285, any time. When you are logged in to Canvas, you can also click on the “Help” link on the left side of the page.

Lessons learned from fall quarter, and other updates

  • GRADING: During the fall grading period, a small number of faculty encountered unexpected results when posting grades from Canvas. We have updated instructions for submitting grades that should help us prevent a recurrence. We will post a summary of lessons learned about grading in Canvas to movetocanvas.ucdavis.edu later this month.
  • PROJECT SITES: We are assembling guidance, resources, and assistance for project site owners. As mentioned in previous messages, there are many applications to support projects that were not available when SmartSite was adopted 10 years ago. We anticipate that the work of moving all project sites off of SmartSite will continue into the 2017-18 academic year. We will be working with project site owners to find the right tools for their projects, which may include Box, Qualtrics, and other tools, as well as Canvas.
  • NEW WORKSHOPS: Our instructional technologists will add two advanced Canvas workshops starting in late March: Using Canvas Modules, and Designing Quizzes, Surveys, and Assessments. They will be listed at https://movetocanvas.ucdavis.edu/events/
  • MOVING MATERIALS: There is no automated process for transferring files from SmartSite to UC Davis Canvas sites. If you have materials to move and want to discuss options, contact the Move to Canvas team, or request help from an ET Partner (see third item in “Your next step,” above), at movetocanvas@ucdavis.edu. This short guide on moving materials to Canvas from SmartSite might also help.

Finally, we have catalogued differences between Canvas and SmartSite in this Knowledge Base article, “SmartSite to Canvas Functional Mapping.” Please feel free to send UC Davis Canvas comments to us at movetocanvas@ucdavis.edu, and forward this message to colleagues who would appreciate receiving this update.