Canvas System Status

Past Incidents

  • Canvas Phones System
    May 18, 05:29 MDTResolved - All phone systems are fully operational.May 18, 02:47 MDTUpdate - We are continuing to investigate this issue.May 18, 02:47 MDTInvestigating - We are currently investigating an issue that is preventing our agents to connect to our phone system. Sadly at this time the only way to contact us in support would be by using the Canvas Chat Feature. We are currently working with our provider to resolve this issue. Read more »
  • Slow load times or error messages when accessing Canvas
    Apr 28, 19:20 MDTResolved - Canvas access has returned to normal and users should be able to access as normal.Apr 28, 19:02 MDTIdentified - We have been able to find the cause of this issue. We have implemented a fix for this and load times are scaling back to normal.Apr 28, 18:55 MDTInvestigating - we are currently investigating slow load times and users running into error messages when they are attempting to access Canvas. Read more »
  • Some Canvas users are experiencing slow load times
    Apr 12, 10:45 MDTResolved - The slow page behavior has now ceased, and Canvas is loading normally once again. Thank you so much for your continued patience.Apr 12, 10:28 MDTMonitoring - We're now seeing the long load times and page errors lowering back to expected levels within Canvas. We're continuing to monitor to ensure there's not further issues, or reoccurrences. We apologize again for this situation.Apr 12, 10:02 MDTUpdate - We are continuing to investigate the cause of slow load times within Canvas. Unfortunately the load times have increased since the previous update, and some users are now experiencing time-out errors when trying to access Canvas. We will continue to work on getting these errors and slow load times remedied, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.Apr 12, 09:45 MDTInvestigating - Some users are experiencing longer load times than normal. Our engineering team is investigating the cause of the slow response times within Canvas, and we will post another update shortly. We appreciate your patience. Read more »
  • Canvas call quality may be experiencing issues
    Apr 1, 15:48 MDTResolved - We have received word from our phone vendor that they have found and resolved the issue that was causing this behavior.Apr 1, 15:27 MDTInvestigating - Some Canvas users are experiencing troubles when attempting to connect with Canvas Support through our phone system. We've notified our phone vendor to identify the issue and remedy the behavior as soon as possible. In the meantime, we are still available through email cases, and chat support and are more than happy to assist with any Canvas questions you may have. We greatly appreciate your patience, and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing you. Read more »
  • Access to Quizzes may be interrupted
    Mar 31, 19:01 MDTResolved - At this time we are no longer receiving error messages and will be resolving this Incident.Mar 31, 18:45 MDTMonitoring - Our Developer Team was able to resolve this issue. We will continue to monitor this issue within Canvas.Mar 31, 18:29 MDTIdentified - Our Developers have identified the problem that is causing this error message from Canvas quizzes. We are currently working on a resolution for this issue.Mar 31, 18:12 MDTInvestigating - We have reports of users running into error messages when using Canvas Quizzes. We are currently investigating this issue. Read more »