Canvas System Status

Past Incidents

  • Some Users Experienced an undefinedTable errors when accessing Canvas
    Jan 14, 06:47 MSTResolved - This incident has been resolved.Jan 14, 06:33 MSTMonitoring - Some users are experiencing undefinedTable errors when accessing Canvas. Our Devops team is aware of this issue and working to resolve as quickly as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Read more »
  • Some Canvas users are experiencing long load times while accessing Canvas
    Dec 11, 15:45 MSTResolved - Users are no longer experiencing long load times. Service has been restored. Thank you all for your patience.Dec 11, 15:28 MSTUpdate - Our DevOps team is continuing to monitor this situation, we'll provide an update in a few minutes.Dec 11, 15:10 MSTMonitoring - Our DevOps team was able to identify the cause and apply a fix, and it appears that users are experiencing normal load times. We'll continue to monitor the situation and provide and update in a few minutes.Dec 11, 14:55 MSTInvestigating - Some Canvas users are seeing long load times while trying to access Canvas. We're currently investigating these issues and will post an update shortly. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Read more »
  • Intermittent issues when viewing documents in Canvas
    Dec 11, 08:38 MSTResolved - Users are now able to preview documents as expected.Dec 11, 06:53 MSTInvestigating - We are currently aware of the intermittent issues when trying to preview documents in Canvas. We are currently looking into this issue and will update you as more information becomes available. Read more »
  • Canvas Jobs are experiencing higher than normal load times
    Dec 7, 08:57 MSTResolved - All of the queued jobs requests have been processed, Canvas jobs such as SIS imports, Gradebook exports, Course migration, and Canvas notifications are returned to expected performance. Thank you for your patience while we put things back in order.Dec 7, 08:17 MSTUpdate - We are continuing to investigate this issue.Dec 7, 08:16 MSTInvestigating - Some institutions may be experiencing an occurrence of long job processing times. Canvas processes that may be affected include SIS imports, Gradebook exports, Course migration, and Canvas notifications. We appreciate your patience as we continue to work through the large number of job requests, and apologize for any trouble caused by the additional wait times. Read more »
  • Some US users were experiencing
    Dec 7, 06:54 MSTResolved - Between 6:40 and 6:45 AM MT users saw slowness and the occasional timeout resulting in blank pages.Our DevOps team responded to automated alerts and was able to restart services that had errored out and was causing the slowness. Canvas is returned to normal operation. Read more »