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The Canvas Community

Canvas offers access to a repository of training materials aimed at helping users get the most out of the community. Users can ask questions, share answers, browse tips & tricks, review common FAQs, and learn from with community tutorials with step-by-step instructions.

Visit the community website to familiarize yourself with Canvas and the community.

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We recommend that you use the resources below to begin learning Canvas and to plan your migration before Summer 2018. Instructional use of SmartSite ended after spring term 2017. SmartSite will only be available for direct access to past course materials for migration purposes through June 2018.

Faculty & Instructor Resources


There are several options available for instruction on the use of Canvas.

Online instructor-led webinars

Instructure – Instructor Tour Videos

Getting Started with UC Davis Canvas (self-guided online course)

UC Davis Canvas workshops

UC Davis Canvas – Knowledge Base Articles

UC Davis departmental group training sessions

UC Davis ET Partner appointments for individual assistance

17 Steps to create a UC Davis course in Canvas,” by Prof. Robert Blake

Self-service Guide to Getting Started with Canvas

Click or touch the headings below to view links to training and knowledge resources provided by Instructure.

Or see a full list of Instructure – Canvas Instructor Guides

Student Resources

Instructure – Canvas Student Guides

Instructure – Canvas Video Guides for Students