One last SmartSite task for students: Copying any coursework they want to keep

UPDATE The SmartSite change planned for July 14th has been postponed until a later date. We will provide an update when the new date has been set. Access to SmartSite will continue as usual until that time.
UPDATE SmartSite is scheduled to be decommissioned on June 30th, 2018. All access for all users will cease at that time.

Before students say goodbye to SmartSite at the end of spring quarter 2017, there’s one more thing they should do: Save copies of any coursework stored in SmartSite that they want to keep from their previous classes. … Continue reading

Instructional use of SmartSite ends in June

This is our latest update on the 2016-17 transition to UC Davis Canvas. Most instructors and almost all students are now using Canvas, and spring 2017 is the final term when SmartSite, the old learning management system, will be available for teaching.  … Continue reading

UC Davis Canvas Fall Quarter 2016 Final Grading Period Report

During the Move to Canvas project (to transition courses from SmartSite to UC Davis Canvas, our new learning management system), we continue to learn and adapt as instructors and students gain experience with the system. In this report, we want to share with our community some lessons learned during the fall quarter 2016 grading period, which provided our first experience with wide-scale use of the grade-publishing feature in UC Davis Canvas. … Continue reading

SmartSite project sites can continue past June; guidance will be available

If you own a project site in SmartSite and wonder what to do with it now that the service is going away, we have updates.

The first is that project sites can continue in SmartSite past spring quarter—but please notice the key phrase, “project sites.” As previously announced, the capability for teaching with SmartSite will conclude after June.

The second update is that Information and Educational Technology is assembling a team to help project site owners identify new locations for the project work they’ve been housing in SmartSite.

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Update on transition from SmartSite to UC Davis Canvas

This is our latest update on the 2016-17 transition to UC Davis Canvas from SmartSite. The adoption rate continues to grow. Approximately 74 percent of instructors who are teaching with a learning management system this term are using Canvas, up from 60 percent last fall. Almost all undergraduates are using Canvas for at least one course.  … Continue reading