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Gradescope streamlines the tedious parts of grading so you can focus on what you do best: giving great feedback.

With Gradescope, the student or professor is able to upload submitted homework, exams, or quizzes online. Each question is graded based on a rubric that the professor uploads or manages on Gradescope. New rubric items may be added based on the individual’s submission to comment on their mistakes and deduct the desired number of points. Every new rubric item based mistakes saves onto the rubric, allowing it to evolve as it’s used overtime. Gradescope also compiles statistics to show the grade distribution along with the frequency a particular mistake was made.

Installation Instructions

This tool can be found in the main navigation menu.

  • Go to Settings->Navigation to look for the tool.
  • If it is currently visible, it will be in the top group of nav items, if not, it will be in the bottom group that are visible only to instructors.
  • To make a tool visible to students in their course navigation menu, drag the tool from the bottom group to the top, then press Save.