Campus is moving from SmartSite to UC Davis Canvas

NEW! See key information about UC Davis Canvas for Fall 2016 for instructors, students, and staff.

Canvas coming soonUC Davis Canvas is replacing SmartSite as UC Davis’ learning management system (LMS), although SmartSite will be available for teaching through spring quarter 2017. We will post updates on this website as needed throughout 2016-17.

Please see the other pages on this site for an FAQ, on-campus learning sessions, the timeline, and more resources that can help you plan and accomplish your move to UC Davis Canvas.

If you have questions or comments, please contact the Move to Canvas project group.

Latest News

  • Student to Student: Is your class in Canvas or SmartSite? Here’s how to find out (9/23/2016) - By Joey Van Buskirk Hey friends, One of the most common questions I get is: “How will I know if my course is in Canvas or SmartSite?” The easiest way to check is to log into UC Davis Canvas and see which course pages are available for you. To do this, click the “Courses” tab ... Read more
  • Update on transition from SmartSite to UC Davis Canvas (9/22/2016) - We are writing with an update on the transition to UC Davis Canvas, the new learning management system on campus. As you know, the campus is transitioning from SmartSite to UC Davis Canvas during 2016-17. SmartSite will remain available for teaching through spring 2017. As of Sept. 20, about 570 instructors are using UC Davis Canvas ... Read more
  • Student to Student: The Canvas App (9/16/2016) - By Joey Van Buskirk Fellow UC Davis students, Now that Fall Quarter is here, I want to go into more detail about what you can expect from UC Davis Canvas—specifically the Canvas app. The app is available for your iPhone/iPad or your Android phone/tablet. You can also find it by searching for “Canvas” in the respective ... Read more

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